Engineering Services

161/34,5 kV Substation - Accra East - Ghana




E-Cuatro performs basic and detailed engineering work for all phases and areas of the project. This includes:

  • Previous studies of alternatives
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Applications of new technologies
  • Evaluation of equipment and contractor
  • Manufacturing tracking, etc.



Technical Management



In Technical Managements, E-CUATRO carries out the periodic monitoring of the works and checks their suitability for the detailed project, analyzing with the contractor and authorizing the modifications that could be made to the project. Monitoring reports of the works are made (weekly or biweekly depending on the client's request) and all the documentation corresponding to the technical management of the work is elaborated  until the corresponding End of Works certificate is obtained.


E-CUATRO has carried out the technical direction of numerous works, such as:


  • GAS NATURAL 220/25 kV GIS substation in Puerto de Barcelona (ZAL). Client: SIEMENS
  • RED ELÉCTRICA 220 kV GIS Substation in Puerto de Barcelona (ZAL). Client: ABB
  • AC/DC Converter Station in Santa LLogaia for INELFE (electrical interconnection HV Spain-France). Client: SIEMENS.
  • ENDESA 220 kV GIS substation extension Works in Palma de Mallorca. Clients: ABB -GESA
  • ENDESA 220 kV GIS substation extension Works in CCC Besòs 5. Client: ENDESA


Equipment Supervision

E-CUATRO provides a technical support service, monitoring and inspection of the manufacture and assembly of certain equipment that is critical in the development of the project. E-CUATRO monitors both the documentation and the performance in the supplier's factory and the assembly on site.


Monitoring of the manufacture, inspection and monitoring of the assembly of several power transformers for wind farms, have been achieved for UNION FENOSA. The transformers were manufactured in Italy and the wind farms are located in diferent locations Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y León, Galicia and Murcia (Spain).


SOCOIN hired E-CUATRO the technical advice for the construction of the first 400kV substations that have been installed in Ethiopia. The main transformers, whose engineering and manufacturing follow-up was carried out by E-CUATRO, were purchased in Turkey.



Training and technical courses

E-CUATRO carries out technical training courses, both in the business and academic spheres, in relation to electrical engineering, technical consulting, operation and maintenance for equipment and electrical systems.


It offers the possibility of taking the courses in the factory, preparing the necessary documentation for the understanding and handling of the equipment and resolving any doubts that may arise on site.

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